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Wotko Moon

Hesci (Hello), 

My name is Maddie Sanders and I am the creator of Wotko Moon. I am a Mvskoke & Mojave artist skilled in various mediums such as graphic design, painting, mural work, and beadwork. As a full time artist I have pursued my love of creation through my small business. I am currently living on Ute & Pueblo land in Durango, CO. I was born and raised in Tahlequah, OK and moved out west to complete my bachelor’s degree. I am now an alumni and graduate of Fort Lewis College with a Bachelors of Art in Communication Design.


How it started

I discovered my love and passion for beading back in 2016. The first thing I learned how to bead was a small medallion. I remember being so frustrated with it and wanting to give up. After making my first beadwork piece, I realized how much I had learned while creating it. It made me slow down and focus on one bead at a time. It has taught me patience; something I had a difficult time with before.


My grandparents always told me how important it is to share our knowledge with anyone who is willing and wants to learn. It is a way of keeping our culture & traditions alive. Their advice led me to start teaching others. I have since taught beading classes of my own at youth summer camps, fundraising events, colleges, and online. It is one of my many passions.

What beading has taught me

Learning how to bead was the best thing that happened to me. I feel a connection to it and to my ancestors each time I pick up my needle. I am thankful to be able to carry on this craft and hope to inspire others and encourage them to see the importance of preserving culture through art. Beading is my medicine.


I appreciate the support of each and every one of you. All items are handmade and carefully crafted with love. 

The name Wotko Moon is inspired by my clans: 
Wotko (Raccoon) - Mvskoke 
Moon - Mojave 

For more of my work visit:

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